Writing Prompts (Collection 1)

1. A love story, but set during the pandemic. The lovers can only communicate via text or social media. Consider play format.

2. Basically the opposite scenario. Two people who hate each other are quarantined together due to pandemic conditions. Perhaps they are roommates that just had a fight and now are forced to spend all their time in the room.

3. An adventurer who once visited a fantasy world and came back to tell the tale is now whisked back to that fantasy world–as an elderly person. What new adventures will they embark on? What old friends will they rekindle friendships with? What old hatreds will rise up in the face of ancient enemies?

4. An alien from another world comes to Earth, but this alien has all the features of a dog and is mistaken for one despite being a sentient being with intelligence much higher than the average human.

5. A researcher looking into their family genealogy come across a few black sheep in the family with dark pasts, and interlocking stories. Or, just for laughs, research your own family history and write about all the skeletons in the closet. At least those of the dead–avoid the scandals of the living ones.

6. A budding chef develops a red meat allergy from a tick. That, along with her gluten allergy, makes it difficult to achieve her dream of becoming the top chef in her state. But she shall persevere, nonetheless!

7. One day, night never falls. Why? How long does this last? How do the inhabitants of Earth survive an endless day?

8. A child goes into a coma and hears everything that is said around them. Do they wake up and confront people or ask about things? Do they lose hope because of what is said around them?

9. An over-powered teen psychic is mega-popular, but people disappear for good after they are “friend-zoned” by him. What happened to them?

10. This one is for the literature nerds out there. The Sound and the Fury, but from Caddie’s perspective.

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