Meliodas is a Scumbag and Ruins The Seven Deadly Sins Season 1

Anime Review:

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 1

Rating: 4 out of 10 stars

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead!



  • Interesting art style
  • Good concept, though not well-executed
  • A handful of entertaining characters
  • Nice music


  • Meliodas is a perverted scumbag and Elizabeth deserves a better friend/crush
  • People in this anime shake off mortal or severe injuries all the time
  • This anime doesn’t know when to let characters die
  • The two female members of the group are both obsessed with the problematic Meliodas


The Seven Deadly Sins Season 1 is about a princess named Elizabeth who goes in search of a group of supposed criminals called The Seven Deadly Sins, who used to be the strongest of Liones’ Holy Knight Orders. The Seven Deadly Sins have been accused of betraying the kingdom ten years ago and are now in hiding. The Holy Knights have taken over the kingdom and imprisoned the king and Elizabeth’s sister. Elizabeth believes that The Seven Deadly Sins are innocent and will help her save the kingdom.

This show is kind of like if My Hero Academia had Mineta as the main character. Melodias, the Dragon Sin of Wrath, is very lustful. He gropes Elizabeth repeatedly. When they first meet, Melodias decides to “check” if she’s a girl by squeezing her boobs. It only gets worse from there, with him continually looking up her skirt and even stealing her panties.

Elizabeth develops feelings for Meliodas over time. Although he does have some good qualities, they are overshadowed by his perverted nature. I cannot understand why Elizabeth likes him. Diane, a girl of the giant race, is deeply in love with him. She is envious of Elizabeth because Meliodas clearly likes her.

At one point, Diane is turned tiny by a mushroom. Diane had believed up until then that the reason Meliodas didn’t like her was because of her size, but it turns out he just plain doesn’t like her. He says that he doesn’t want to grope Diane because it is no fun when that sort of treatment is wanted. Do I even have to say how wrong that is? He doesn’t like it when there is consent.

In the same episode, when Elizabeth is turned tiny and since her clothes no longer fit her (convenient), Diane hides Elizabeth between her boobs. Why….? Just give her a piece of cloth, if nothing else. Yeesh. Almost no one thinks how Elizabeth must feel.

There are other things that just don’t make sense. Mortal wounds being treated like minor injuries. Ban’s beard being trimmed off perfectly by an attack that was meant to slice him to shreds. Death itself shaken off by a couple of characters.

I liked the characters Ban, King, and Gowther because they seemed better made then some of the others. Ban is likable even if he is morally ambiguous. King is sweet and fun to watch. Gowther doesn’t understand people or emotions well, which leads to a lot of humor.

I loved the music of the intros and outros. It had such a fun sound to it.

The adventure itself was fine, especially when Meliodas and Elizabeth were not together. Nothing special, but not boring or anything. People have also told me that later seasons are better, so I might continue on after this, even if it is not right away.

In conclusion, I can’t say I recommend this anime, but I may change my mind for later seasons.

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