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You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson (Week 4, Ch 28-29)

Today, I will be analyzing and reacting to chapters 28-29 of You Should See Me in A Crown, a young adult romance by Leah Johnson. This is the first lesbian romance I have ever read, and I loved it.

Warning: Spoilers Below!

This chapter begins with “She who hesitates is lost” which is a change from the proverb “He who hesitates is lost.” In general, it means the opposite of “good things come to those who wait.” Hesitation here has a negative result, which likely means that Liz is going to be proactive in the next couple of chapters.

Everything has changed when Liz walks into school on Monday. I don’t blame her for feeling that way. After a break-up, patching things up with an old friend, and betrayal from her best friend, it’s no surprise she feels different.

We find out what Liz had planned that was supposed to shake up the prom campaign, and why she needed Jordan’s help to do it. Jordan had the key that allowed him to get into the school after it was closed for the night, and Britt had the artistic skills to pull off Liz’s plan. A giant painted castle with Liz’s signature crown, and the words “Fuck Your Fairy Tale” written across it.

Bold move. Bolder than I am used to so far from Liz, but I guess she didn’t have much to lose. I don’t think I would have the guts, since I rarely use such strong language–unless I am quoting someone else.

Liz wanted students to connect this to her, which is why she used the crown, but she was hoping the principal and Madame Simoné would not notice the connection. I don’t know what it is with teenagers and kids assuming adults are idiots. When I was a camp counselor, kids thought they could get away with stuff and acted like they thought adults were just plain stupid. It didn’t really work out for them.

I was born royalty. All I had to do was pick up my crown.”


I love this quote because Liz is finally figuring out who she is and where she fits in. She has the support of several good friends and the awe of the entire school is now directed toward her.

The principal and Madame Simoné are obviously upset, especially when the mural is paired with a post about the power structure at Campbell and how the same kind of people win prom queen and king every year. #effyourfairytale is trending on Campbell Confidential. Honestly, I can’t really say I blame them for being upset. Profanity in murals is not going to be received well in a high school, even if the message is reasonable and respectable.

Liz knows the prom rules like a lawyer, and there is not even fine print about using profanity in posters. They are allowed to hang it wherever they want. Jordan was permitted to use the key. Technically, they haven’t broken any rules. I think it would be fair to let them off with a warning and then change the prom rules to prevent profanity from appearing in prom advertising in the future.

Up until this point I liked Madame Simoné, but after her next words that changes. “Did you know you have the chance to be the first black queen in Campbell history?” That may be true, but it’s almost like she’s using it against her. It sounds racist–and Liz agrees. Follow our rules and you could be a credit to your race. Not good, Madame Simoné.

They get off with a warning, thank god, or that would have been a short prom campaign for Liz.

The next chapter contains a scene I never would have expected in a public school. Probably because I didn’t attend what cyber and homeschoolers tend to call a “brick-and-mortar school.” They do a drunk driving simulation with bloody prom clothes. They even block off the street and have firefighters come and pretend they are responding to the disaster. That sounds pretty dark to me. And hard to deal with, if you happen to know someone who was in a car crash.

It sounds like the sort of thing I would hate. Seeing a bunch of people covered in blood after a supposed wreck would be uncomfortable for me to say the least.

I would never get drunk and drive. Partially due to my meds, which prevent me from having alcohol safely, and also because I don’t particularly like alcohol. Partially since I don’t drive due to my hallucinations.

Liz puts about as much effort into makeup as I would, smearing some fake blood on and calling it a day. Quinn and Lucy don’t accept that though, and do her makeup for her. They do this even though Rachel would be furious if she knew. They don’t seem like bad people, despite being friends with Rachel. They apparently remember how Liz stood up to a bully who was bothering them when they were in elementary school.

I kind of hate how they turn a fake car wreck into a spectacle that seems more humorous then educational or cautionary.

I don’t know why Week 4 is only 2 chapters compared to the much longer other weeks, but I wanted to stick to the same format so here we are. Week 5 is upcoming so keep an eye out.


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